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Tatiana Nesvetailo (Nega) is an art critic and artist, the author of a number of articles about
contemporary artists and of the scientific publications on the history of art.

In 1989 she graduated from the Academician Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under I. Repin (Department of History and Theory of Fine Arts). From 1994 to present - Senior Researcher of the State Russian Museum.

"The main idea of ​​my work is the desire to express the interaction of the spontaneous and rational principles that govern our life. Often we are deprived of the opportunity to freely express their feelings, give vent to spontaneous impulses due to limitations established by society or their own mind. Only by allowing ourselves to violate these limitations, we open up new opportunities. So I came to artistic practice. My experiences with the plastic form, inspired by digital art, macrophotographs, slow motion video, etc., led me to the creation of author's technique, the essence of which is the control of the elements of the movement of colorful masses to create an image of the continuously self-reproducing matter of life. The coexistence of two opposites is directly reflected in my artistic method, which involves two main stages: free rapid movement with the help of various author's tools and final finishing with a brush"

Her art works are in private collections in Russia, USA, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Japan, Norway, Monaco, Qatar.

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