Direct Art Action UK is an artist organization based in West Midlands, UK.

We provide support and exhibition opportunities for artists

Watch :

Made in Birmingham TV at Direct Art Action UK,  the Art Gallery in Sutton Coldfield, North Birmingham:

Direct Art Action TAKEOVER! (go to link)

We invite all contemporary Fine Arts and Applied Arts to exhibit in Our Gallery and  Art Center (go to link )

We showcase the artworks of local, regional and international artists, many of whom work closely with our galleries and studios. Direct Art Action UK has been supporting grassroots artists and artist groups and especially degree students and postgraduate artists.

Direct Art Action UK is an artists gallery at the center of a busy town high street in Birmingham.
Our huge facility stands as a magnet for professional artists and designer originally conceived to support degree level and and grass roots artists it now continually shows the work of many life long and seasoned artists from local, national and international local.
There is a continual exhibition on the main ground floor gallery, that is supported by an art cafe, a print shop and now a performance stage.
On the first floor we have yet another giant space for group exhibitions and community events, a great space for school, collage and university shows.
DAA is an inclusive, friendly and supportive artist organization, that reaches out to new and exciting art and community interests.

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