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Avinoam Sternheim (1983) is an artist and a musician, works in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He graduated his art studies at the Avni institute, and the MFA program at Betzalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Usually he works with industrial leftover, discarded, abandoned and damaged objects that have lost their place in the world.

These qualities resonates his own need of belonging and establishing the intimacy so crucial for his work, recharging them with unfounded imaginary functionality, attaching them and himself to what is real.

He's work revolves around the question of how fantasy creates reality and how reality disintegrates back into someone else’s fantasy. The use of given found objects serves as anchor, planting the works in a concrete and specific surrounding, in everyday life.

"The concrete elements serve me as a platform for prolific strokes of imagination, thus creating new legends and symbols as an attempt to build a poetic shelter - a structure of an inner world that would enable one to dwell in this world".

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