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Avi Reiss

With my camera I  bring to light the triumph of attrition on living organisms.

The birth of a flower, I claim, is a sublime work of art, praised by all. The hand of the Creator has touched it. But hasn't the same Creator ordained that a flower should wither? That a fruit should rot?

Sometimes, looking closer at a living thing, beyond its obvious form, uncovers a world of colors and shapes, of processes and interactions, which captures the eye and the fantasy. Are there no similar challenges to the artist's mind when looking closely at the process of dying?

Is a lone scorched denuded rock in the desert devoid of artistic value?

With these questions in mind, I have attacked with my camera the act of attrition.

I have discovered a hidden world which inspires my art; the deconstruction that takes place in a rotting grenade fruit is what postmodern art is all about, and yet it is a straightforward photograph of nature.

There is appeal in an ancient ruin; there is feeling in a picture of a Napoleonic battle field after defeat; Is bring to the viewer the final battlefield of a fruit that has fallen to earth on its way to become the life-giving substrate for its seeds.

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