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Alexey Adonin’s paintings are at the intersection of abstraction and surrealism.

The layered shapes of color ambiguously represent landscapes and castle-like structures, which appear isolated and far off into the distance, as if we are staring at a mirage that could disappear at any moment.

Born in Belarus, Alexey and his family had to relocate to Israel to escape the political situation in Eastern Europe and the fall of the USSR.

His work projects an inherent tension, with a clear center point in each painting around which every element revolves and impels from. The sense of remoteness and apprehension in the work is undoubtedly influenced by his experience as an immigrant, and the political and religious tension he lives with in Jerusalem.

Many of his paintings are inspired by his interest in philosophy and the universal forces that sublimely push and pull us along.

He approaches his work without preconception, and allows his unconscious mind to direct the formation of his surreal landscapes.

As he puts it, “painting should walk through a sort of evolution, like a child who grows up.”


Best Regards,
Alexey Adonin

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